There are an increasing number of signs that our way of life will end up plundering and ultimately destroying not only human co-existence but our entire planet. Today's prevailing strategy of "economic growth at any price" exploits the majority of the world's people, deprives them of their livelihood and irretrievably destroys natural resources. The growing isolation and competition among people perpetuate these exploitative conditions and make it possible to redefine collective grievances as personal failure in a world of opportunity.

But people are increasingly, and more and more urgently, looking for ways to escape this system, although few truly understand it. New approaches to solutions are often sought within the same system of thought, the same ideology, at best only scratching the surface. However, today's threats and growing uncertainties require a far-reaching paradigm shift. We must urgently question the established thought patterns and assumptions regarding the economy and society as well as our values in order to achieve sustainable development and change.

The event "Faster, Bigger, Richer? – Why growth at any price needs an alternative!" looks at the mechanisms inherent in the current system as well as presenting alternative economies and introducing new perspectives: How does our economic system actually work? What are the real alternatives? How can we do business sustainably?

In four talks the speakers Samirah Kenawi, Simone Woerer, Andrea Baier and Heide Goettner-Abendroth will address the following questions:

  • What is the model of values that underlies our current economic and financial system?
  • What kind of society do we really live in and are there any alternatives?
  • How we find a way out of this life-threatening crisis?
  • What is the significance of the principle of giving?
  • What might a post-capitalist economy look like and what role does the subsistence approach play?
  • What key function can be served by matriarchal societies' view of the economy in ensuring everyone's survival?

This will be followed by a panel discussion on the topic "Beginnings, hurdles, successes - the visions and practices of social transformation" with all the speakers taking part. In a joint discussion we'll be able to share our views on the specific ways in which each individual can help to create a sustainable economy, which hurdles need to be overcome and which successes can already be celebrated!

After the conference, participants are invited to end the day with a sundowner from 5 pm onwards. Set in a cosy atmosphere with music, aperitifs and snacks, there'll be the chance for everyone to get to know different projects for alternative businesses, share their ideas and network.

All speeches will be given in German and translated into English.

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