Societies of Peace

MatriForum aims to encourage further constructive dialogue between science and the public at large regarding alternative, egalitarian forms of society supported by the latest findings in the scientific fields of modern matriarchal research, economics, sociology, political science and cultural studies, among other areas.
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Regular conferences provide access to the current state of research, encouraging people to share what they know and helping to develop a network of researchers, authors, filmmakers, activists and others interested in this area.

As an international event, MatriForum creates a space for people to learn about new approaches and alternative paradigms through lectures, panel discussions and workshops on current social, socio-political and economic issues and to develop these ideas together.

MatriForum opens up spaces and paths that break down the rigid constructs of thought, critically question current ideologies, stimulate innovative, forward-looking discussions and develop workable solutions.

The platform was founded in 2019 by Simone Plaza, Martina Engel-Fürstberger, Anna Pixner, and Andrea Fleckinger and is based on the matriarchal approach taken by modern matriarchal studies. This places life as a core value at the centre of society and provides a foundation to create concrete, viable alternatives for a balanced, egalitarian and peaceful society.

Martina engel fuerstberger
Andrea fleckinger
Anna pixner
Simone Plaza

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